Access At Arisia

Arisia Access Services looks forward to helping you enjoy the con. At the convention, find us at the Info Desk in the lobby. Until then, email us at

New Access Services for Masquerade

Do you need to bypass the line for Masquerade (concerns about fatigue, mobility, being jostled) and or do you need seats in the front, (hard of hearing, need to see CART screen, to be close to the stage to see, mobility concerns, or may need to leave abruptly) ? Register with access before the convention, or at the convention at the Info Desk. The back of your badge will have a sticker outlining what you need to facilitate things during the hectic rush that is seating for this event. In previous years asking people to sign up at the Info Desk is no longer feasible for the size of the events we are holding. This is a work in progress, please be patient with us. Let us know when something is not working, so that we can continue to change and improve. I am hoping that this will ensure that we have the right amount of seats, and that the people who need them, get them.
Please email if you are interested in signing up, or talk about this change.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is a space to take a break from the noise and chaos of the con and those omnipresent fluorescent lights. The room will be very simply furnished, and is likely to be a guest room on the 4th floor. The info desk will have the room number and it will be listed in the pocket program.


Arisia makes full use of the hotel facilities. Events are spread out, and a significant amount of walking will be required. There are a number of places to sit and rest in the hallways, in large corridors outside the ballrooms, near the panel rooms, and in the main lobby of the hotel. However, we recommend that if you use mobility aids, you should bring them or arrange a rental for the convention.

The hotel does have some manual wheel “push” wheelchairs available by request (through the innkeeper). The hotel also has 2-3 rental scooters, but we strongly recommend that anyone interested make arrangements ahead of time. The business center at the Westin hotel rents scooters for $50 per day.

Contact Penfield’s Business Center
Phone: (617) 532-4635

Tactile Tours

Especially but not solely for the visually impaired, we offer two Tactile Tours. Touching allowed, gloves provided.
  • Art Show -- 4 PM Saturday in the Art Show in Harbor II/III
  • Masquerade Costumes (during Masquerade halftime)
It’s a great way to get a really close look at the great work the artists and costumers are doing. Anyone may sign up but do sign up in advance. If we do not have enough interest, we will not hold the tour. Send email to if you are interested.

Service Animals

Arisia is happy to welcome attendees with service animals. People with allergies should note that we expect a number of attendees with dogs, so they should medicate accordingly. We also ask that everyone respect the working animals and give them appropriate space. Please do not pet or otherwise distract service animals unless invited to do so by their owners.