Art Show

Arisia features a large and popular Art Show at which work can be sold by silent auction or gallery style at a fixed price. If you are not familiar with science fiction art shows, a useful description is here.

Announcement: The art show is FULL and not accepting new registrations. If you wish to put your name on the waiting list use this link. Please read the Rules and Fees page as well.

If you are registered for the Arisia 2014 art show, please check in your pieces online. More information about buying and selling art at the Arisia art show, including a list of artists, is available here.

Art Show Hours:

10am to 5pm: Artist Check-in
6pm to 9pm: OPEN
10pm to midnight: Reception for artists and staff
10am to 1pm: Artist Check-in
10am to 6pm: OPEN
8pm to 10pm OPEN
10am to 1:30pm OPEN
3:30pm to 7:30pm: Sales and Artist Check-out
4:30pm: Auction
10am to 1pm: Final Sales and Artist Check-out

Since the beginning of Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions there have been art shows. This is where you will find quality artwork by both professional and amateur artists for viewing. Most works will be for sale by bid sheet or Quicksale, while others will be for Display Only or Not For Sale. You will find original works in both two dimensions and 3-D. There will be drawings, paintings, prints, sculpture, jewelry, craft pieces, and fabric pieces. Be sure to set aside at least a couple of hours while the Art Show is open to come and enjoy, and possibly bid on and buy, unique works by members of our community.

This year’s Artist Guest of Honor is Lubov. She will be featured prominently in the Art Show.

Because of our diverse community, we will show works by new and upcoming artists as well as works by those who are well established in the field. This is your chance to buy something from someone who could become world famous (or already is!) before their prices reach outer space.

We also feature lots of small, personal items. These are favorites among our members who want something to enjoy and use that reflects our imaginative natures.

Arisia sponsors a Student Art Contest for young people in High School.

This year, the Art Show will be moving to Harbor II and III on the Harbor Conference Level on the east side of the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel, one floor up from the Lobby Level and two floors above the Galleria where it was last year.

There will be a series of docent tours of the Art Show, including an accessible tour. Check the program schedule for details.