Art Show Info for Attendees

Hours And Location

New Location! This year, the Art Show will be moving to Harbor II and III on the Harbor Conference Level on the east side of the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel, one floor up from the Lobby Level and two floors above the Galleria where it was last year.

10am to 5pm: Artist Check-in
6pm to 9pm: OPEN
10am to 1pm: Artist Check-in
10am to 6pm: OPEN
8pm to 10pm OPEN New Hours! extended on Saturday night
10am to 1:30pm OPEN
3:30pm to 7:30pm: Sales and Artist Check-out
4:30pm: Auction
10am to 1pm: Final Sales and Artist Check-out

How to Buy Art

The Arisia Art Show accepts cash, personal checks, most credit cards, and traveler's checks.

You must be a registered Arisia member and be assigned a bidding number to buy art in the art show.

Art in the Arisia Art Show is for sale through two different methods. Each artist can choose whether to offer a QuickSale (fixed) price, a minimum bid or auction, price, both options, or neither. The auction starts with silent, written bids in whole dollar amounts. Pieces that exceed a minimum number of bids will go to a voice auction to be held on Sunday afternoon. A piece that has received a written bid can no longer be sold by QuickSale and a piece already sold via QuickSale cannot be bid upon.

If you bid and win, you are REQUIRED to pay for the art before you leave. If you bid on art, you will be charged a fine for art is not picked up and paid for. All sales are final and DO NOT include reproduction rights, which should be arranged separately directly with the Artist.

In general, art at the art show is picked up and paid for during the Art Show Sales hours following the auction (see above). In some cases, other arrangements are made for QuickSale pieces, with the consent of the art show director.

Some pieces in the Art Show are not for sale, and these will be clearly marked.

Meet the Artist Guest of Honor

See the work of our Artist Guest of Honor, Lubov, in the Art Show! Lubov is a Russian-born fine art artist who does not paint commercially. Her works, generally in oils, show a pre-Raphaelite influence. She paints landscapes, fantasies, and horror equally as the mood moves her, generally on large canvases with fine details and luminous colors.

Participating Artists

Artists exhibiting at Arisia 2014 will include: Abrihette, Dawn and Alice Albright, Christina Albritton, R. L. Allison, Joshua D. Altobelli, Kimm Antell, Julia Austein, E. J. Barnes, Alan F. Beck, Jim Belfiore, Joe Bellofatto, Bishonen Judge, Janet Bruesselbach, Michela Carlson, Andrew Cefalu, Peri Charlifu, Jason Cheeseman-Meyer, Clarissa Cupcake, Vicka Corey, Daniel Cortopassi, Laurel Cunningham-Hill, Cyd, Charlene Taylor D'Alessio, Loren Damewood, Janelle L. Downey, Jill Eastlake, Bob Eggleton, Kyrith Evans, Alana Farley, Sara Felix, Casanova Frankenstein, MK Frisby, Grant Fuhst, Handmade Bronze, Carol Hanson, Margery Harrison, Lisa Hertel, Richard Hescox, Butch Honeck, Briana Humble, Jim Humble, Jen Hunter, Catelyn Johnson, Andrew Kaufman, Johnna Klukas, Bettina M. Kurkoski, Charles Lang, Kimberly Leach, David J. Leblanc, Scott Lefton, Sunshine Levy, Lubov, Jackie Luckner, Lux Faros, Richard Man, Theresa Mather, Diane M. Mathieson, Becky Maung, Mike Maung, Sally Mayer, Meerwyn, Rachel Mello, Wanda Metcalf, Sarah "Tashari" Morrison, Matthew Mrowka, Emma Nackid, Thomas Nackid, Laurel Nelson, Anne Nydam, David Lee Pancake, Misty Pendragon, Chiara Pieri, Marianne Plumridge, Samantha Rabbitt, Aedan C. Roberts, Kim Rudeen, Carol Salemi, Michael Sharrow, Wendy Snow-Lang, Andrew Sprague, Donna Lynne M. Stevenson, Jess Steytler, Jeff Sturgeon, Corey Tevan, Kendra Tornheim, Joan Turner, Andy Volpe, Weegoddess, and Raelinda Woad.