Video Game Tournaments

Game Underground located in Framingham Ma and run by James York is going to running the Video Game Room again at this year's Arisia! Games rated E to M Check out our tournament schedule below! All events are free to enter! Come have fun!
Sign up sheet will be located at the gaming room
Featured systems include:

XBOX ONE, PS4, Wii U, NES, SNES, N64, XBOX 360, PS3 and more! See the complete schedule.


4:00pm Mortal Kombat
6:00pm Injustice
8:00pm Tetris
9:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meetup


TableTop Gaming

Come to the Tabletop Gaming room in Harbor I, for both scheduled and pick-up gaming. And tournaments, with prizes! Sign up for tournament play at the beginning of the convention. The gaming room is open 24 hours a day. Scheduled games are in the pocket program. Tournaments are listed below: A list of all gaming tournaments at Arisia All tournaments take place in the Harbor 1 Game Room Signups are limited and start at the beginning of the convention Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Draft Sat and Sunday 11am -7pm several drafts $15 per draft

World of Darkness LARP Sat night

Ever wanted to know what the World of Darkness is about well at Arisia you can find out. Sat Night at Arisia The local LARP group from Boston hosts a Live Action Role Playing Game otherwise refered to as LARP. Hosted by Tyler Brown and Scott Coutcher. Event begins at 8pm. Check convention guide for exact location.

Remember the stories where the ghosts or the monster were real only if you believed in them? This is not those stories. This is a tale about a monster that is real if you don’t believe, and even more real if you do. Yet to destroy it, you must know it’s there.