Party Host Guide

1. Review Party Host Rules and decide if you are having an open or closed party.
2. Get an Arisia membership.
3. Make a hotel reservation in the Westin hotel or get on the waiting list.
4. Fill out the Party Host and Suite Request Form. If you are requesting a suite, do so by Oct 18.

Open or Closed?

The first thing you have to do is decide if your party will be Open or Closed. Read on to see the rules for these two types of parties.



In general, an open part is open to all convention members, serves no alcohol and can use convention media for advertising. See more for all the details.



In general, a closed party must be by invitation only. If alcohol is served, you must check ID. Closed parties cannot use convention media for advertising. Read ALL the closed party rules to help you decide.

General Party Info

For individuals or groups wishing to host a party (Open or Closed), you must register with the convention in advance and use a room in the "Active" room block. Parties registered in advance with Arisia will be moved to a “Party Host room”, which ensures that you are covered by Arisia's corkage agreement (allowing you to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks). Party hosts can request a free ice delivery from the hotel.

Parties may be "open" (all convention members welcome, or with doors open or ajar, or publicly advertised) or "Closed Parties" (private, doors closed, no advertising). Serving of alcohol is not allowed in Open Party areas.

Party hosts are responsible for adhering to convention policies, hotel rules, and local, state, and federal laws, including the enforcement of the drinking age. All Party Hosts must review and adhere to the separate Party Hosting Guide.