Programming Status

22 Dec

Announcing the (still DRAFT but almost final) Arisia 2014 programming schedule.. Some information is still missing but there will be more schedule information posted closer to the convention.

Programming Update

Thanks to over two hundred people for suggestions this year!

As of early August, we will no longer be actively culling from the brainstorm forum. Arisia will take the rest of August to process submissions and then contact potential panelists around Labor Day.

The brainstorm forums remain open year 'round. You can continue to submit ideas for future conventions whenever you like. And see our Program Participant Form if you'd like to get an invitation to Arisia programming.

Program Participant Request

Are you interested in being on Arisia's programming? Fill out our program participant form for more information.

At this time we are not accepting new panelists for Arisia 2014, but we are happy to take your name for consideration for Arisia 2015.