The Masquerade is a costume contest and display of creativity by your fellow convention members. Entrants may dress as anything interesting and fun so long as they can motor themselves across the stage and back. You'll find a variety of BEMs (Bug Eyed Monsters!), Transformers, faeries, royals, dragons, cosplayers (anime-inspired costumes), movie and TV characters, and just plain silly people in costume. This is a judged event and is a highlight of Arisia. If you're not competing, come cheer on your fellow fen. All entries are judged in three separate categories (Novice, Journeyman, and Craftsman/ Master) to give everyone a fair chance.

The theme for Arisia'14 is "Cross Culturalism" This doesn't constrain your costume ideas but may be an inspiration. Join us Sunday January 19th 8 PM in the Grand Ballroom.

Masquerade Signup - Closed

Online registration is now CLOSED. There is still space remaining in the masquerade. Come see us and register in person at the Masquerade Check-In table Friday and Saturday. Registered entries may change their information until Masquerade Check-In closes at 5pm on Saturday January 18th. All entrants must check prior to their rehearsal slot.

Arisia uses the skill division set up by the International Costumers' Guild. If you are unsure what division you should register and compete in please contact the Masquerade Director (

Halftime Entertainment

After the costume presentations are done, and while our esteemed judges are off determining the awards for the evening, we don't want you to go away!

This year, our half-time entertainment will be the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers.

The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers reconstruct, teach and perform
American ballroom dance of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (in appropriate costume matching the period in question) .They focus on the Federal, Civil War, Gilded Age, Ragtime and Roaring Twenties Eras. In addition to performing the dances of these periods, they host public balls, dance classes and multi-day workshops for a thriving community of historical dance enthusiasts.

Arisia Masquerade Highlights 1994-2000

Arisia's Masquerade goes back to the very beginning of the convention. This video below by Ray Swagerty will show you a little of the "greatest hits" of the early years of the Masquerade.

Thanks also to Laurel Hill for making us aware of this video

If you can't see it on this page, you can go directly to: