Smoking, Alcohol, Weapons, Nudity and Illegal Acts

The Westin hotel bans smoking in all areas of the hotel, including all guest rooms. Smoking is allowed outside the building away from the doorways.

Arisia prohibits the consumption of alcohol in all convention areas except for alcohol purchased from the hotel and consumed directly in the area in which it was purchased. The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21. You may be asked to provide a valid ID if ordering alcoholic beverages.
Arisia's corkage waiver does not apply to serving of alcohol. According to hotel policy all alcoholic beverages must be purchased through the hotel.
Laws governing illicit substances, obscenity, weapons, public behavior, and the treatment of minors must be strictly observed. Remember, there may be members of the Boston Police Department on patrol at the convention.

The list of Illegal weapons in Massachusetts include, but are not limited to: blackjacks, billy clubs, any sort of double-edged knife (symmetrical cross-section, even if one side is dull), shuriken (throwing stars) and nunchucks. For further information see MA General Laws, Part 4, Title 1, Chapter 269, Section 10.

While the hotel is private property, the hotel is still required by the Boston Licensing Board to enforce standards of conduct and nudity. Accordingly, street-legal attire is required in all convention spaces and hallways.