Costume and Masquerade Guidelines

All costumes are welcome at Arisia, whether created by the wearer or not. However, purchased and rented costumes are not eligible for awards. Awards are made to the creator of the costume, not the wearer.

Costume weapons are permitted, but must be peace-bonded by Arisia Security upon arrival at the convention, unless worn solely for the masquerade as part of an on-stage costume. The use of any weaponry as part of your costume, as well as the use of any special effects, must first be approved by the Masquerade Director. Remember, it's okay to surprise the audience, but not the staff.

During the masquerade, flash photography and laser pointers are forbidden. If you take photos or videos during the Masquerade, do not obstruct the view of other audience members.. All electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, pagers, tablet computers) must be silenced and their screens must be dimmed.

Participants in the masquerade must read and agree to the terms contained in a separate costumer release and masquerade rules.