Art Show How to Buy

The Arisia Art Show accepts cash, personal checks, most credit cards, and traveler's checks.

You must be a registered Arisia member and be assigned a bidding number to buy art in the art show.

Art in the Arisia Art Show is for sale through two different methods. Each artist can choose whether to offer a QuickSale (fixed) price, a minimum bid or auction, price, both options, or neither. The auction starts with silent, written bids in whole dollar amounts. Pieces that exceed a minimum number of bids will go to a voice auction to be held on Sunday afternoon. A piece that has received a written bid can no longer be sold by QuickSale and a piece already sold via QuickSale cannot be bid upon.

If you bid and win, you are REQUIRED to pay for the art before you leave. If you bid on art, you will be charged a fine for art is not picked up and paid for. All sales are final and DO NOT include reproduction rights, which should be arranged separately directly with the Artist.

In general, art at the art show is picked up and paid for during the Art Show Sales hours following the auction (see above). In some cases, other arrangements are made for QuickSale pieces, with the consent of the art show director.

Some pieces in the Art Show are not for sale, and these will be clearly marked.