The Post-Meridian Radio Players presents Trouble with Tribbles

PMRP is excited to announce its cast for its 2014 Arisia show, a genderswapped version of the classic Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles!

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are a Boston-area group made up of actors, writers, directors, audio techies, sound effects artists and others dedicated to the art of performing live radio drama, be it on stage or in the studio.
For those unfamiliar with the episode “A dispute over control of a planet brings Enterprise to a space station, where they must deal with Klingons, edgy Federation officials, and a previously-unknown species of small, unbearably cute, voraciously hungry and rapidly-multiplying furry creatures.” (plot summary by

The show will stick to the original TV script as close as possible. (which unfortunately means the character of Sulu is not available, as he did not appear in this episode)

PMRP performs shows in the style of the Golden Age of Radio with actors in front of microphones holding their scripts. Some sound effects may also be performed live on stage.

This years cast include

Captain Kirk - Karen Sarao
Spock - Adria Kyne
Scotty - Sarah Brinks
McCoy - Liberty Moody
Chekov - Caitlin Mason
Uhura - Damon Singletary
Baris - Jennifer Pelland
Darvin - Joye Thaller
Lurry - Arielle Lipshaw
Koloth - Rachel Schlow
Korax - Barbara Woodward
Cordelia Jones - Amanda Britton
Barkeep - Liz Salazar

Directed by Mindy Klenoff