World of Darkness LARP Sat night

Ever wanted to know what the World of Darkness is about well at Arisia you can find out. Sat Night at Arisia The local LARP group from Boston hosts a Live Action Role Playing Game otherwise refered to as LARP. Hosted by Tyler Brown and Scott Coutcher. Event begins at 8pm. Check convention guide for exact location.

Remember the stories where the ghosts or the monster were real only if you believed in them? This is not those stories. This is a tale about a monster that is real if you don’t believe, and even more real if you do. Yet to destroy it, you must know it’s there.

The Truth is a being unknown, which is destroying both the physical world and reality itself in a worse way than any mage, vampire, werewolf, promethean, demon, geist or other supernatural creature has ever managed. An alliance of powerful supernaturals fights The Truth while keeping it a secret from their brethren and from the mortal population. Because the more sentient beings who know it’s real, the more real it becomes.

Creatures from differing supernatural backgrounds must balance the fight, the secret, and their dealings with one another. All three tasks are difficult enough on their own. Together they make for some high drama and explosive action.

Welcome to the New World of Darkness: The Accord, a game where you are one of these creatures, fighting the strange and twisted offspring of The Truth, the monsters that slip into reality from that other, unknown realm.

Compared to this, to cheat death with a giest or an embrace seems natural, to transform from human into panther seems workaday, and to claim descendance from Lucifer seems inconsequential.

It’s a game with high local storyteller discretion, impressive characters, and RP boosted by the interactions between disparate supernatural races desperate to get along.

The Truth is waiting.