Access for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Attendees

Pre-con, this job includes reaching out to the ASL program at Northeastern, to see if we can get student interpreters, and reaching out to the Deaf community so they know what we have to offer. I will help with hiring of ASL interpreters and a Cart Provider, and well as making sure they get paid.
At con, follow through to make sure things go as planned, and ASL and CART providers have the infomation they need. A fuller description and more discussion can be had by emailing

Access Setup

Access Service needs help setting up- specifically, help hanging PSA posters, taping out spaces for wheelchairs. This is a moderately physical job in that it requires some kneeling on the floor to hold tape down.

Quiet Room Staff Head

This is an at-con job, with a little Pre-con work (recruiting volunteers).

Arisia has set aside space for a quiet room, a place for people to take a break from the convention, the lights and noise. It will be open during the day (10am to 9 pm or so) and to prevent abuse, it needs to be staffed. It also needs to be opened in the am, closed down at night and possibly have someone call housekeeping to tidy or replenish the water setup.

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