Closed Party Rules

Closed Parties

  1. The party must be by invitation only.
  2. Closed parties may NOT be advertised using posters, flyers, the Arisia party board, the Arisia newsletter, or the other public options that are available to open parties. Posting publicly about your party in convention space, real or virtual, is not permitted.
  3. You may not utilize Arisia's social media to advertise your party.
  4. Closed parties must keep the doors closed when someone is not exiting or entering.
  5. Arisia’s corkage waiver does not include alcohol.
  6. If you serve alcohol, you must check ID. The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is 21.
  7. You may not serve alcohol to anyone that appears to be drunk (you may be liable for any subsequent injuries or damage that they sustain or cause).
  8. No alcohol can leave a closed party space.
  9. The person checking ID should remain sober until their task is completed.
  10. Keep noise at the ID checking station low, particularly if outside the door of the party.
  11. If your closed party plans include anything to do with Fuel, or Rockets, notify of this well in advance of the convention, so we can plan accordingly.
  12. A party cannot change from open to closed on the same evening. If you would like to host an open and a closed party on Arisia weekend, we ask that you host them on different nights.

We also have rules for open parties and information that applies to all parties. See all the party rules.