Help Wanted

If you are interested in helping with any of the positions on this page, email

Staff Den Setup

On Thursday/Friday of Arisia, we need physically able people to assist in unloading the truck/cars of food, carting it up to Staff Den, and assisting in setting up staff den. They should take directions well.


Teen Lounge Volunteers

Teens making sure that other teens have fun at Arisia, to work two or three hours a day in the teen lounge. Enforce the teen lounge rules and keep the atmosphere right. You must be between the ages of 13 and 20.


At Con Registration Staff

Do you want to welcome everyone to Arisia? Are you calm under pressure as well as friendly?

At Con Registration Staff need to be able to use a computer well (search, point and click), follow written procedures, maintain a happy, helpful presence in the face of thousands of attendees, and handle money and credit card machines accurately. The work is not physically demanding, but requires a lot of mental and social engagement with few breaks.

They should plan to attend one of the training sessions in December, the Thursday before con, or midday Friday, and work at least 12 hours at con, as per a schedule.


Staff Den Prep Assistants

The back of house staff must take a food safety class (online) prior to Arisia (unless they are already certified, due to work). If they have taken this course, they will be able to defrost and prepare food for the coming meals. They will heat the food for the current meal. They will work closely with the area heads for Staff Den, and should take direction well.

These people will be needed at every major meal time on all four days of con (Friday - Monday).


Art Show Builders

Use a wrench, follow plans, assemble an Art Show and tear it down again. This job takes place Thursday and Sunday or Monday.