Help Wanted

Staff Den Servers

We need several people to make a welcoming, comfortable place for staff at Staff Den. The responsibilities for this job will be distributed between the 2 - 4 people working a given shift, and may include keeping staff den tidy and stocked, brewing coffee, and making people welcome. Flexibility and a smile count more than cooking abilities for this role.


Program Division Technical Support

We are looking for one or more people to help with supporting Zambia, the web application used for scheduling Arisia. We need help with documentation, training, answering users' support questions, and gathering & prioritizing requirements for usability improvements. This is an ongoing and open-ended need. We are happy to have someone help with any piece of this need they are able to carve out.

The training is mostly early fall and the support is mostly all fall. The other work is open-ended and any time.


Ops Desk Volunteers

This person will staff the Ops Desk, providing information and things like blue tape for convention staffers. Must be able to answer phone and take notes. Ability to use a computer and printer desired.

This job is at-con only, in short shifts (between 2 and 4 hours long). We'll train!


Staff Den Packing Ninjas

At the end of Con, Staff Den will need some assistance in packing materials for storage, and keeping good inventory. This person should be skilled in one of two manners: good at playing tetris with items in bins OR good at carrying packed bins down to trucks. This is at the end of con, on Monday afternoon.


Web Application Development

We are looking for developers with skills in one or more of php, javascript, HTML, CSS, mySQL, jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap, and XSL to help enhance Zambia, the web application used by Arisia and other cons for scheduling.

The work is open-ended and all pre-con.