Arisia 2014 Featured Panels & Events

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5:30pm Introduction to Arisia — Alcott (3W)
8:00pm 25 Years of Arisia Party — Grand A (1W)
8:30pm Sheroes: Writing Heroines — Burroughs (3E)
9:00pm The Trouble with Tribbles — Grand B (1W)
10:00pm Silent Film: The Hunchback of Notre Dame — Otis (2)
10:00pm Buffy: Once More With Feeling — Grand DE (1W)
12:00am Rocky Horror in the Round — Grand DE (1W)


11:30am Singing in the Pool — Pool (3W)
11:30am Feedback Session 1 — Paine (2)
1:00pm Lubov Slideshow — Grand DE (1W)
2:30pm Carl Brandon Society Awards Ceremony — Grand B (1W)
4:00pm Guest of Honor Reading with Tanya Huff — Burroughs (3E)
4:00pm Einstein's Little Homunculus — Grand DE (1W)
5:00pm The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) — Grand AB (1W)
5:30pm Song Contest: Doom, Gloom, and Despondency — Burroughs (3E)
6:00pm Psyche Corporation Concert — Grand DE (1W)
7:00pm The History of Arisia — Alcott (3W)
7:00pm Belly Dance Show — Grand AB (1W)
8:00pm Mother FaeAI Concert — Grand DE (1W)
8:00pm The Time Travelers Ball — Commonwealth (1W)
8:30pm Arisia: The Next 25 Years — Alcott (3W)
10:00pm Matthew Ebel, Piano Rocker — Grand AB (1W)
12:30am Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog — Grand AB (1W)
1:30am Commentary! The Musical — Grand AB (1W)


11:30am James Nicoll Interview — Grand B (1W)
1:00pm Psyche Corporation Concert — Grand DE (1W)
3:00pm SCA/Renaissance Dance — Commonwealth (1W)
4:30pm Art Show Auction — Harbor III (3E)
7:00pm Gameshow: Silly Song Smackdown — Burroughs (3E)
8:00pm Masquerade — Grand AB (1W)


1:00pm Feedback Session 2 — Burroughs (3E)