Arisia publishes progress reports before the convention: Arisia publications at the convention includes: Also, someone produced a joke issue of the newsletter.

Mobile Versions of the Schedule

This year there are two options for mobile access to the schedule. The content is the same on both—try them and see which you prefer.

New for this year's Arisia is KonOpas. It is now available at It uses your web browser to display its information, so it should work with all computers and smart phones, but it stores the information locally so you do not need an internet connection to use it.

KonOpas is a freely available, open source application. It was written by Eemeli Aro. Arisia thanks Eemeli for his contribution and for the customizations he made for Arisia.


Returning from last year is Guidebook. To get it:

  1. Install the Guidebook app from:
  2. Click on "Download Guides"
  3. Search for "Arisia" (or search by date)
  4. Wait one beat to let both the 2013 and 2014 guidebooks show up,
  5. Click on "Arisia 2014"


Advertising was available in the Souvenir Book.