Arisia 2014 Schedule, by Track

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Fri 7:00pm Marvel Anime
Fri 8:30pm Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Fri 10:00pm Trigun: Badland Rumble
Sat 12:30am Sailor & The 7 Ballz: The Sequel (Hentai)
Sat 10:45am Lost in Translation
Sat 12:00pm Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls
Sat 1:30pm Anime vs. Western Animation
Sat 3:00pm Teen Titans
Sat 5:00pm Rebuild of Evangelion
Sat 6:30pm Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance
Sat 8:30pm The Future Diary
Sat 11:00pm Hentai: Why Is It So Popular?
Sun 10:45am Anime: Back to Basics
Sun 12:00pm Gender in Anime
Sun 1:30pm Swords & Sideburns: Super Robot Anime
Sun 3:00pm Heroic Age
Sun 5:45pm Anime and Their Remakes
Sun 7:00pm Sword Art Online
Sun 8:30pm Sword Art Online Screening
Sun 9:30pm Clamp: The Good, The Bad, and The Strange
Sun 11:00pm Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Mon 10:30am Devil May Cry
Mon 1:00pm The Trifecta: Manga, Anime, and Live-Action
Mon 2:30pm Guilty Crown


Fri 5:30pm M.C. Escher: Mathemagical Artist
Fri 8:30pm Why Oil Paints?
Sat 8:30am Art and Copyright
Sat 10:00am Creativity and the Product Development Cycle
Sat 11:30am Materials Safety for the Artist
Sat 11:30am Art Show Docent Tour: How Framing Changes Art
Sat 2:30pm Docent Tour of the Art Show
Sat 2:30pm Framing Art
Sat 4:00pm Designing Things That Don't Exist
Sat 4:00pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Sat 5:30pm Dueling Easels
Sun 8:30am Handling Your Online Image as an Artist
Sun 10:00am Creating Art on Commission
Sun 11:30am Visual Storytelling
Sun 4:00pm Design in Movies
Sun 4:30pm Art Show Auction
Sun 5:30pm Art Education
Sun 10:00pm How Can Photos Still Be Believed?
Mon 10:00am Did Contemporary Art Destroy Capital "A" Art?


Fri 7:00pm Gladstone, Grant, Linzner
Sat 10:00am Doyle, Hunt, Kelner
Sat 11:30am Davroe, Hairston, Tan
Sat 1:00pm DeCandido, Sakers
Sat 2:30pm Cambias, Pinto
Sat 4:00pm Jablokov, Mambert, Martin
Sat 5:30pm David Marshall
Sun 10:00am Eldredge, Salaam
Sun 11:30am Kimmel, Macdonald, Nurenberg
Sun 1:00pm Erishkigal, Staveley
Sun 2:30pm Tanya Huff
Sun 5:30pm Letersky, Odasso


Fri 7:00pm Online Comics: Here to Stay
Fri 8:30pm Fixing Problems of Sexism & Misogyny in Comics
Fri 10:00pm Hellboy's 20th Anniversary
Sat 10:00am 75 Years of Batman
Sat 11:30am All-Ages Comics: Still Out There
Sat 1:00pm Tele-Comics: Space Barton
Sat 2:30pm Comic Books and the Women Who Love Them!
Sat 4:00pm DC Comics: The New 52
Sat 5:30pm Avengers Assemble!
Sat 7:00pm Homestuck
Sat 8:30pm Sandman: Overture
Sun 11:00am Superfriends: Sinbad and the Space Pirates
Sun 1:00pm The Year in Marvel Comics
Sun 2:30pm No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
Sun 2:30pm Homestuck Meet-up
Sun 4:00pm 50 More Years of X-Men!
Sun 5:30pm Wonder Woman
Sun 7:00pm Diversity in Comics and the Readership
Sun 7:00pm Up, Up and Away with Superman!
Sun 8:30pm The Resurgence of Image Comics
Sun 9:30pm Tele-Comics: Space Barton (2nd show)
Sun 10:00pm Thirty Plus Years of Love and Rockets
Mon 10:00am Capturing the Next Generation of Comic Book Fans
Mon 11:30am Best Non-American Comics


Fri 5:30pm Magickal Traditions: A Review
Fri 7:00pm Fandom and Disability
Fri 10:00pm BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide
Fri 10:00pm Do Something About Diversity!
Fri 11:30pm Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene
Sat 1:00pm Poly 101: An Introduction
Sat 2:30pm Coming Out
Sat 4:00pm Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Sat 5:30pm Feminism: What It Is, What It's Not
Sat 7:00pm Flirt Like a Pro
Sat 8:30pm BDSM 201: The Next Steps
Sat 10:00pm Asexuality 101
Sat 10:00pm Judaism's Influence on SF/F
Sat 10:00pm Negotiation and BDSM
Sat 11:30pm Fun With Rope
Sun 10:00am Blindness: More Than Metaphor
Sun 11:30am Poly Parenting
Sun 1:00pm Being a Sex-Positive Parent
Sun 2:30pm Poly 201: Theory and Practice
Sun 8:30pm Building a Poly Home
Sun 8:30pm Blurring The Lines: Paganism and Popular Culture
Sun 8:30pm Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom
Sun 10:00pm Transgender Fen
Sun 10:00pm Polyamory and the Media
Sun 10:00pm Your Kink is OK!
Sun 11:30pm Introduction to Power Exchange
Mon 10:00am Race and Identity in Fandom
Mon 1:00pm Shame on Slut-Shaming
Mon 2:30pm Homeschooling: An Alternative Education

Con Tech

Fri 5:00pm Calibrating the Audio/Visual System
Fri 6:00pm Learn/Assist With Shooting a Live TV Show


Fri 4:00pm How to Survive the Nerd Convention Apocalypse
Fri 5:30pm Introduction to Arisia
Sat 11:30am Feedback Session 1
Sun 2:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Mon 1:00pm Feedback Session 2


Fri 5:30pm Buying Off the Rack
Fri 5:30pm Costume Documentation
Fri 7:00pm Costuming to Body Type
Fri 7:30pm Working With Tech
Fri 8:30pm It's Good to be Bad
Fri 10:00pm Cosplay vs. Copyright
Sat 10:00am Masquerade Basics
Sat 11:30am Hot Topics in Cosplay
Sat 1:00pm Foam and Plastics
Sat 2:30pm Historical Costuming
Sat 2:30pm Costume Recreation: Bringing the 2D to Life
Sat 4:00pm Using, Making & Modifying Sewing Patterns
Sat 5:30pm Cross-cultural Costuming
Sat 7:00pm Men's Costuming Challenges
Sat 8:30pm Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
Sun 10:00am Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up
Sun 11:30am In Memory of Marty Gear and the Wombat
Sun 1:00pm Costumes from A Game of Thrones
Sun 2:30pm Practical Considerations for Costumers
Sun 8:00pm Masquerade
Sun 9:30pm Tactile Tour of the Masquerade
Mon 8:30am Costuming for Children
Mon 10:00am Masquerade Show and Tell
Mon 11:30am Costume References & Sources
Mon 11:30am Military Influence on Costuming
Mon 1:00pm Getting into Character
Mon 1:00pm OMG Shoes: Footwear in Costuming


Fri 8:00pm 25 Years of Arisia Party
Sat 11:30am A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms
Sat 1:00pm The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones
Sat 2:30pm Carl Brandon Society Awards Ceremony
Sat 7:00pm Belly Dance Show
Sat 8:00pm The Time Travelers Ball
Sat 10:00pm Matthew Ebel, Piano Rocker
Sun 7:00pm Masquerade Doors Open For Seating

Fan Interest

Fri 5:30pm Downton Abbey Fans Gathering
Fri 7:00pm What is Fandom?
Fri 7:00pm Dr. Who Fans Meetup
Fri 8:30pm Celebrating the Higgins Armory Museum
Fri 8:30pm The UFO Experience
Sat 10:00am The Future of School
Sat 10:00am Salem Zouaves: Civil War Bayonet Drill
Sat 10:00am Zumba for Nerds
Sat 11:30am Zombies, More Zombies, and Even More Zombies
Sat 11:30am Walk the Labyrinth
Sat 2:30pm The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sat 4:00pm Housekeeping for Nerds
Sat 5:30pm Fandom Etiquette
Sat 7:00pm The History of Arisia
Sat 7:30pm Home Movies from LoneStarCon
Sat 8:30pm Arisia: The Next 25 Years
Sat 10:00pm Scotch Whiskey
Sat 10:00pm Neil Gaiman Fan Appreciation Hour
Sat 10:00pm Vampires in Literature Fan Meetup
Sat 11:30pm Eye of Argon
Sun 8:30am Being a Morning Person in Nocturnal Fandom
Sun 10:00am Home Based Business and Children
Sun 10:00am Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike Drill
Sun 10:00am Terry Pratchett Fans Unite!
Sun 11:00am Zumba Birthday Party!
Sun 11:30am Fortune Telling Methods
Sun 11:30am Highland Charge! The Scottish Broadsword
Sun 1:00pm Lightning Talks
Sun 1:00pm Fan Speak: The Language of Fandom
Sun 2:30pm Panel in the Pool
Sun 2:30pm Celebration of Guests of Honor Past and Present
Sun 2:30pm Game of Thrones Fan Meetup
Sun 4:00pm What is Canon and Does it Matter?
Sun 4:00pm What Censorship Is/Isn't
Sun 4:00pm Avengers Fans Assemble!!!
Sun 5:30pm How to Disagree Better
Sun 7:00pm Queering Up Canon
Sun 7:00pm Ribbon Game Judging
Sun 8:30pm Librarians: Fiction vs. Reality
Mon 10:00am Air Pirates, Parody & the Limits of Free Speech
Mon 11:30am Beyond the Stereotypes
Mon 1:00pm Avoiding Con Crash
Mon 2:30pm SteamMonk: Christianity in Historical Fantasy

Fast Track

Fri 4:00pm Open Play Time
Sat 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sat 10:00am How to Draw Cats
Sat 10:00am Paper Bag Puppets
Sat 10:00am Learn to Knit
Sat 10:00am Table Top RPG with Damien
Sat 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 1
Sat 1:00pm Duct Tape Roses
Sat 1:00pm The Hobbit, Session 1
Sat 1:00pm Learn to Crochet
Sat 1:00pm Table Top RPG with Damien
Sat 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming
Sat 1:00pm Open Discussion: The One and Only Harry Potter
Sat 2:30pm Bracelet Making
Sat 2:30pm Origami Fun 1
Sat 2:30pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Sat 2:30pm Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan's Reading List
Sat 4:00pm Magic Show
Sat 4:00pm Open Discussion Group: The Legend of Korra
Sun 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sun 10:00am Make and Take—Tie-Dyed Butterfly
Sun 10:00am Mister Penny
Sun 10:00am The Black Box
Sun 10:00am Table Top RPG with Damien
Sun 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 2
Sun 1:00pm Mask Making
Sun 1:00pm The Hobbit, Session 2
Sun 1:00pm Origami Fun 2
Sun 1:00pm Table Top RPG with Damien
Sun 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories
Sun 1:00pm Tales From Distant Lands
Sun 2:30pm Science Experiments
Sun 2:30pm Steampunk Make and Takes
Sun 2:30pm What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Sun 2:30pm Papercraft Workshop
Sun 2:30pm Twisted Tales 1
Sun 4:00pm Fun With Card Games
Sun 4:00pm Open Discussion Group: Pokémon
Sun 4:00pm Spoon-A-Pults
Sun 4:00pm Build a Song Sing-a-Long
Sun 7:00pm NERF Gun War
Mon 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Mon 10:00am What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Mon 10:00am Play with Oobleck
Mon 10:00am Table Top RPG with Damien
Mon 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 3
Mon 11:30am Cartooning & Comic Creating
Mon 11:30am Quilting Basics
Mon 11:30am Flying High with Paper
Mon 11:30am Twisted Tales 2

Film and Video

Fri 4:00pm Sleeper
Fri 5:30pm At the Earth's Core
Fri 10:00pm Silent Film: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Fri 11:30pm Koi Mil Gaya
Sat 2:30am Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula
Sat 4:00am Zonad
Sat 5:15am Murder on the Moon
Sat 6:50am L'Illusionniste
Sat 8:05am Morning Shorts
Sat 8:30am Asterix and The Big Fight
Sat 9:00am The Cat From Outer Space
Sat 9:50am Night of the Doctor
Sat 1:15pm Dead Snow
Sat 3:00pm Message From Space
Sat 3:30pm Jonny Quest: Monsters in the Monastery
Sat 5:30pm Jr. Star Trek
Sat 5:40pm Robot and Frank
Sat 8:00pm Pacific Rim
Sat 10:15pm In Like Flint
Sat 11:30pm This Week on Brit TV (2013–2014)
Sun 12:00am The Devil In Miss Jones
Sun 5:00am Triangle
Sun 6:40am Earthbound
Sun 8:15am Starship Troopers Invasion
Sun 9:50am We're NASA and We Know It
Sun 10:00am Captain America
Sun 10:30am Johnny Sokko And His Giant Robot—Last Show
Sun 1:00pm Jr. Star Trek (2nd show)
Sun 1:10pm Robot And Frank (second showing)
Sun 3:00pm Special Extra-Bad Film: Murder by Television
Sun 5:30pm Classic Trailer Park
Sun 7:30pm Sleeper (second showing)
Sun 9:45pm Dead Snow
Sun 10:00pm Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing
Sun 11:45pm Bathory
Mon 12:00am Extra-Bad Movie: Hangar 18
Mon 2:00am Mutants
Mon 3:25am Cockneys vs Zombies
Mon 4:50am Strippers vs Werewolves
Mon 6:20am The Possession
Mon 7:50am The Magic Crystal
Mon 9:00am Audience Choice Film
Mon 9:00am The Gamers: Hands of Fate
Mon 11:00am Coming Attractions


Fri 7:00pm Live Action Angry Birds
Sat 10:00am Miniatures in Gaming: Painting Tips & Techniques
Sat 11:30am Gamemaster Help Line
Sat 1:00pm What Does 'Games Are Literature' Mean?
Sat 2:30pm Video Gaming Year in Review
Sat 4:00pm Old-School Games: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Sat 5:30pm That's No Game
Sat 7:00pm Video Games as Art
Sat 8:30pm Designing A Memorable PC
Sun 10:00am 2013 Game Consoles: The Review
Sun 11:30am Gamedev Women Discuss Women in Games
Sun 4:00pm Forty Years of Dungeons & Dragons
Sun 5:30pm Game-Based Learning and Gamification
Sun 7:00pm Beyond Dice and Hit Points
Mon 10:00am Gaming Nostalgia 101
Mon 10:00am Live Action Angry Birds: Return
Mon 11:30am Too Much of a Good Thing?

Gaming—Scheduled Games

Fri 4:00pm Mortal Kombat
Fri 6:00pm Injustice: Gods Among Us
Fri 6:00pm Traveller5: Cirque, Episode 1
Fri 6:00pm Legends of the Dragon Keepers
Fri 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Fri 6:00pm Game of Thrones 2nd Edition (Beginner Friendly)
Fri 6:00pm Death of the Sake Master
Fri 7:00pm Blackjack Tournament
Fri 7:00pm Warring Kingdom FFA Tournament
Fri 7:00pm Board Game Demo: Krosmaster Arena
Fri 7:00pm Sunrise on Seshat
Fri 7:30pm Encore! Singing Board Game
Fri 8:00pm Play Tetris!
Fri 8:00pm Nexus Elements Wilderness LARP
Fri 9:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meet-Up
Sat 7:30am By The Pale Moonlight Part II
Sat 9:00am Legends of the Dragon Keepers
Sat 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Sat 9:00am Night of the Living Cthulhu
Sat 9:00am HackMaster (New Edition)
Sat 9:00am Traveller5: Cirque, Episode 1
Sat 10:00am Firefly RPG
Sat 10:00am Board Game Demo: Tanto Cuore
Sat 10:00am Terosian Adventures
Sat 10:30am Torchwood Toronto
Sat 11:00am Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Draft
Sat 11:00am Star Wars X-Wing Demo
Sat 12:00pm Kids Mario Kart Wii (13 and Under)
Sat 12:15pm D&D Lords of Waterdeep
Sat 1:30pm Pathfinder Society
Sat 1:30pm Doctor Who Adventure
Sat 2:00pm Street Fighter IV AE
Sat 2:00pm The Big Board Game Tournament
Sat 3:00pm Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Draft
Sat 3:00pm Sunrise of Seshat
Sat 4:00pm Killer Instinct Xbox One
Sat 4:00pm Firefly RPG
Sat 4:00pm The Nexus Elements Wilderness Part 2
Sat 5:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meet-Up
Sat 6:00pm Super Mario Bros. Speed Run
Sat 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Sat 6:00pm Doctor Who Adventure
Sat 7:00pm Warring Kingdom FFA Tournament
Sat 7:30pm Game of Thrones 2nd Edition (Dance with Dragons)
Sat 8:00pm Star Wars "Hand of the Dark Sun" RPG
Sat 8:00pm The Accord: A New World of Darkness LARP
Sat 9:00pm Maid (Adventure)
Sun 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Sun 9:00am Traveller5: Cirque, Episode 5
Sun 9:00am LARP Adventure Program (Adults or 16+ w/parent)
Sun 10:00am Board Game Demo: King of Tokyo
Sun 10:00am Gaming for Kids
Sun 10:30am Ticket to Ride: Marklin
Sun 11:00am Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Draft
Sun 11:00am Star Wars X-Wing Free Play
Sun 12:00pm Kids Super Smash Bros Brawl
Sun 12:15pm Little Lost Scoutbot
Sun 12:30pm Star Wars "Hand of the Dark Sun" RPG
Sun 12:30pm The Realms LARP
Sun 1:00pm Pokemon X/Y
Sun 1:00pm Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
Sun 1:30pm Pathfinder Society
Sun 1:30pm The Midnight Court of Marie Laveau
Sun 1:30pm Kobolds Ate My Baby!
Sun 1:30pm Sunrise of Seshat
Sun 2:00pm WWE 13 Extreme Rules
Sun 3:00pm Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Draft
Sun 4:00pm 3DS Street Pass Meet-Up
Sun 6:00pm Munchkin BRAWL Tournament
Sun 6:00pm Pathfinder Society
Sun 7:00pm Warring Kingdom FFA Tournament
Sun 9:00pm Are You a Werewolf?
Mon 8:00am LARP Adventure Program (Kids 10–17)
Mon 9:00am Pathfinder Society
Mon 10:00am Board Game Demo: Coup
Mon 10:30am The Nexus Elements Wilderness Part 3
Mon 1:00pm Mario Kart Wii

Guests of Honor

Fri 8:30pm Sheroes: Writing Heroines
Sat 1:00pm Lubov Slideshow
Sat 4:00pm Guest of Honor Reading with Tanya Huff
Sun 11:30am James Nicoll Interview


Fri 5:30pm The Art of Editing Anthologies
Fri 5:30pm The Bards' Tales—Musical Books
Fri 5:30pm I Like Big Books, and I Cannot Lie: Epic Fantasy
Fri 7:00pm Secret Cities Full of Secretive Secrets
Fri 8:30pm The Future Is Now: Online Short Fiction
Fri 10:00pm Military SF: When Diplomacy Fails
Sat 10:00am Read All The Things!
Sat 11:30am QUILTBAG Representation in YA
Sat 1:00pm Time Travel, Therapy, & the Quest for Redemption
Sat 2:30pm Realism and Outliers
Sat 4:00pm Write What You Know All Too Well
Sat 5:30pm The Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos
Sat 7:00pm Vampires! Vampires! Vampires!
Sat 8:30pm The Unheard Voices of SF/F/H
Sat 8:30pm Let's Rule the Universe!
Sat 10:00pm That's It! I Am Throwing This Book!
Sun 10:00am Interactivity in Fiction
Sun 11:30am Hugo Awards: Evolution, Revolution, or Death?
Sun 11:30am GRRM Is Still Not Your B****
Sun 1:00pm Tell Me a Story (I Couldn't Tell Myself)
Sun 2:30pm Representation, Race, and Reconciliation
Sun 4:00pm Why Root for Monarchies? Class and Fantasy Lit
Sun 5:30pm Spirituality in Fantasy and Science Fiction
Sun 7:00pm Found Families in Speculative Fiction
Sun 7:00pm So You Think You Can Write a Fight?
Sun 8:30pm When Poets Write Prose and Vice Versa
Mon 10:00am This Book Looks Nothing Like My Ren Faire!
Mon 11:30am Demographics, World Change, and the Future
Mon 11:30am Stick With It! Complex, Rewarding Literature
Mon 1:00pm SF/F as an Ongoing Conversation
Mon 1:00pm Get Off My Lawn: Backlash Against Progress in SF
Mon 1:00pm Gothic: Women in Houses
Mon 2:30pm From Earthsea to Ekumen


Fri 5:30pm 3D Printing: What's Next?
Fri 7:00pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Fri 8:30pm Teasecraft Meetup for Kinky Makers
Sat 10:00am Make a Renfair Rosette
Sat 11:30am Beading a Cabochon on Fabric
Sat 1:00pm What Are Makerspaces?
Sat 1:00pm Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling
Sat 1:00pm How to Go Pro as a Maker
Sat 2:30pm Arduino For Beginners
Sat 7:00pm Arisia Game Jam
Sat 10:00pm Make a Scale Flower
Sat 11:30pm Home Depot in the Bedroom
Sun 10:00am Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Sun 10:00am Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave
Sun 11:30am Sparkly Chainmail
Sun 1:00pm Build a Siege Engine
Sun 4:00pm Wearable Electronics: Beyond Google Glass
Sun 8:30pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Sun 10:00pm Make a Scale Flower


Fri 4:00pm The Way Things Go
Fri 4:30pm The Golf Specialist
Fri 5:00pm Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Fri 6:30pm Journey to the Center of the Earth
Fri 7:00pm Pacific Rim: Breaking the Mold
Fri 7:00pm Beyond Sharknado: Syfy's Glorious B Movies
Fri 8:30pm Non-Genre TV Shows That Fans Love
Fri 9:00pm The Trouble with Tribbles
Fri 10:00pm Cabin in the Woods: Monster Board Showdown!
Fri 10:10pm Men In Black II
Fri 11:50pm Requiem For a Vampire
Sat 1:30am Death Race 2000
Sat 2:55am Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages
Sat 4:45am Mothra
Sat 6:30am Warner Brothers Classic Cartoons
Sat 8:25am Rocky & Bullwinkle
Sat 9:15am The Way Things Go
Sat 9:45am The Muppet Show with Vincent Price
Sat 10:00am My Little Pony: Arisia is Magic!
Sat 10:10am The Brothers Grimm
Sat 11:00am Man of Steel, Plot of Kleenex?
Sat 11:30am Movie Year in Review
Sat 12:10pm Them
Sat 1:00pm Welcome to Night Vale: And Now, the Weather.
Sat 1:45pm Buckaroo Banzai
Sat 3:30pm Family Guy: Something, Something… Dark Side
Sat 4:00pm It's a Nice Day For a Red Wedding
Sat 4:00pm Orphan Black
Sat 4:30pm Addams Family
Sat 5:30pm Ender's Game
Sat 6:10pm The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sat 7:00pm Doctor Who Turns 50…Where Do the Fans Stand?
Sat 7:00pm Why Do So Many YA Franchises Bomb Onscreen?
Sat 8:00pm Voltron: Fleet of Doom
Sat 8:30pm The Twelfth Doctor: Everybody Panic/Rejoice
Sat 8:50pm Stargate: Continuum
Sat 10:00pm Remembering Roger Ebert
Sat 10:30pm The Day the Earth Stood Still
Sun 12:05am Cat Woman of the Moon
Sun 1:10am Mythbusters—Exploding Pants
Sun 1:55am Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary
Sun 3:10am The Hidden Fortress
Sun 5:30am The Beast From 20000 Fathoms
Sun 7:00am Warner Brothers Classic Cartoons
Sun 9:00am Yellow Submarine
Sun 10:00am Once Upon a Time
Sun 10:35am Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Sun 11:30am TV Year in Review
Sun 11:30am Gravity Falls
Sun 1:00pm Sherlock Showdown
Sun 1:00pm The Witches of Oz
Sun 2:30pm Star Wars: What's Next
Sun 3:45pm Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Sun 4:00pm State of the Trek 2014
Sun 4:00pm The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Sun 5:30pm Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe
Sun 6:25pm Alice in Wonderland
Sun 7:00pm Queers Dig Time Lords
Sun 7:40pm Alice in Wonderland (1903)
Sun 8:00pm Masquerade—Live
Sun 8:30pm Queer Genre TV Characters: Still Left Out?
Sun 11:00pm Masquerade—Replay
Mon 1:00am The Astro Zombies
Mon 2:35am The Lost Boys
Mon 4:15am Invaders From Mars
Mon 5:35am Gizmo
Mon 7:00am Warner Brothers Classic Cartoons
Mon 9:00am Why Man Creates
Mon 9:25am Puss In Boots
Mon 11:00am Spaceballs
Mon 1:00pm Transformers: A 30 Year Retrospective


Fri 6:00pm Contra Dance with Einstein's Little Homunculus
Fri 7:00pm Strong Sound Workshop
Fri 10:00pm Good Story Songs
Fri 10:00pm Drum and Dance at Arisia
Fri 10:30pm KINETIC: A Nightclub Dance
Fri 11:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sat 1:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Sat 11:30am Singing in the Pool
Sat 1:00pm Song for the Singing Impaired
Sat 2:30pm Braiding Voices: Singing Rounds & Related Forms
Sat 4:00pm Einstein's Little Homunculus
Sat 5:30pm Song Contest: Doom, Gloom, and Despondency
Sat 6:00pm Psyche Corporation Concert
Sat 7:00pm Theme Circle: Chantey Sing
Sat 8:00pm Mother FaeAI Concert
Sat 8:30pm Bawdy Song Circle
Sat 10:00pm Open Singing and Playing
Sat 11:00pm Saturday Night Dance
Sat 11:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sun 1:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Sun 1:00pm Filk 101 Song Circle
Sun 1:00pm Psyche Corporation Concert
Sun 2:30pm Sing-Along: Funniest Songs
Sun 3:00pm SCA/Renaissance Dance
Sun 5:30pm Theme Circle: Ballads of the Supernatural
Sun 6:30pm Contra Dance with Kristin Seibert and Live Music
Sun 7:00pm Gameshow: Silly Song Smackdown
Sun 8:30pm Rousing Chorus Songs
Sun 10:00pm Concert: Murder Ballads
Sun 11:30pm Unmoderated Open Filk
Mon 1:00pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Fri 7:00pm Altabef, Daniels, Kimmel
Fri 8:30pm DeCandido, Feinman, Mijan
Fri 10:00pm Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Nurenberg, Williams
Fri 11:30pm Cecilia Tan Erotic Fantasy/SF Reading
Sat 1:00pm Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sat 2:30pm Gardner, L. Gilman, Hunt
Sat 4:00pm Arthen, Crooks, Eskie, Older
Sat 5:30pm Hairston, Mambert, Rios
Sun 10:00am Doyle, Macdonald, Nelson
Sun 11:30am Cambridge SF Workshop Flash Fiction Reading
Sun 1:00pm Garrott, Gladstone, Grant, Odasso
Sun 2:30pm Eldredge, Isaak, Lipkin, Pelland
Sun 4:00pm Linzner, Palmer, Staveley, Taaffe
Sun 5:30pm Davroe, Salaam, Silverman, Vanderhooft
Sun 7:00pm Freedman, Hoffman, Kahn, Williams
Sun 7:00pm Graykin, McCoy, Sakers, Wilk
Mon 10:00am Erishkigal, Gilman, Silva


Fri 7:00pm The Eagle Has Landed: Looking Back at 7/20/1969
Fri 8:30pm Extraterrestrial Health Issues
Sat 10:00am Do We Need Science Fiction?
Sat 11:00am Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Sat 11:30am Science—Diversity Needed
Sat 12:30pm Mariner 69
Sat 4:00pm History of the Ray Gun
Sat 5:30pm On a (Circuit) Bender
Sun 10:00am How They Lie with Statistics
Sun 11:30am The Year in Bad Science
Sun 1:00pm Science Year in Review
Sun 2:30pm 30 Years of Macintosh Computing
Sun 4:00pm The Agony and Ecstasy of 3D
Sun 5:30pm Better Eating Through Chemistry
Sun 7:00pm Science in the Era of Social Networks
Sun 8:30pm Computers, Internet, and Human Memory
Mon 10:00am Water in Our Future
Mon 11:30am Fear of Science—On the Rise?
Mon 1:00pm Our (Deep Sea) Neighbors Are Very Strange
Mon 2:30pm Are Magic and Vampires Good for Science?


Fri 9:00pm The Trouble with Tribbles
Fri 10:00pm Buffy: Once More With Feeling
Sat 12:00am Rocky Horror in the Round
Sat 5:00pm The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
Sun 12:30am Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Sun 1:30am Commentary! The Musical


Fri 5:30pm Complexities of Voice
Fri 7:00pm Voice Workshop for Writers
Fri 8:30pm No Excuses for Poor Research
Sat 10:00am Critiquing Someone Else's Work
Sat 10:00am Writing the Other
Sat 11:30am In Search of Conflict
Sat 1:00pm Respectability Politics In The Writing World
Sat 2:30pm Killing Characters
Sat 7:00pm Narratives and Counternarratives
Sat 8:30pm Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
Sun 1:00pm The Writer's Process
Sun 2:30pm The Roots of Horror: Writing What Scares Us
Sun 4:00pm Taking Pitches
Sun 5:30pm Writing The Self
Sun 8:30pm Constructing Languages
Mon 10:00am Looking Forward to Last Thursday
Mon 11:30am Creating Cultures